Сан-Диего, CA, США
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Познакомлюсь : с женщиной в возрасте 25 - 42 лет в районе Калифорния, США
Цель знакомства: дружба, любовь, брак, встреча

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Like reading, movies, enjoy hiking and traveling - the stuff everyone likes basically:) Entrepreneurship is a passion i recently became aware of. I love talking and discussing new business ideas and putting them to work. Love helping people. I am a very curious person and like to discover new things, concepts and places. Love my 2 kids (6 and 13) dearly and enjoy spending time with them. (share them 50/50) I am someone who has no problem being non-conforming or different about anything in life - small and big. If it makes sense to me I do it! :) I enjoy playing most sports, especially soccer, basketball and ultimate. Hoping to find someone funny, positive and mischievous!:)

Личные данные

Семейное положение: разведен
Наличие детей: 2
Год иммиграции: 2007
Образование: высшее
Специализация: управление бизнесом

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Знание языков: русский

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