Лос-Анджелес, CA, США
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Познакомлюсь : с женщиной в возрасте 31 - 50 лет в районе Калифорния, США
Цель знакомства: дружба, любовь, брак, встреча

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Global executive, with many travel stories, just not enough stories where YOU and I could talk about memorable moments forever.
What I like as these will tell you more about me: travel (of course), endlessly meaningful conversations, long wine lists, restaurants with Michelin star food and zero Michelin stars, diving (casual - when on vacation), embassy parties, theatre, concerts, anything outdoors, and even car racing.
I am looking for a very rare and special woman who for unknown reasons haven't met me yet and wants to correct this inequity with all her heart as much as I do. You are taller than average, authentic, genuine, thoughtful, sophisticated yet simple inside, cosmopolitan, worldly in your perspectives while treating people close to you with amazing compassion.

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Семейное положение: разведен
Наличие детей: нет
Этнический тип: европейский

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Вес: 72 кг
Рост: 182 см
Я выгляжу: отлично
Телосложение: спортивное
Цвет волос: черные

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Вероисповедание: христианство


Режим дня: "Жаворонок"
Отношение к курению: не курю
Отношение к алкоголю: изредка
Тип питания: пескетарианство

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